Early Kindergarten
Central Coast Steiner School offers a three-day program, designed to gently introduce the child to a calm, unhurried approach to learning.

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Our Kindergarten offers a play-based curriculum which fosters the child’s physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. The kindergarten school facility is orderly, beautiful and calm, inviting the child to engage in learning in a secure, creative and inspiring environment. Learn more about it.

Primary School
The Rudolf Steiner Primary School celebrates the individual in each child, while facilitating learning within a strong, supportive community. Each class has a teacher who stays with that class from class one until the end of class seven, comprehensively tracking the learning needs of each individual. Learn more about it.

High School
Our secondary program extends to Year 10. The Rudolf Steiner curriculum encourages students to enrich their academic thinking with a sense of social responsibility and ethical engagement. We try to foster a strong sense of connection to the natural world, to our cultural and philosophical heritage, to the past, present and future. Learn more about it.