NSW State Literacy and Numeracy Action Plan

Central Coast Rudolf Steiner School is currently taking part in the NSW State Literacy and Numeracy Action Plan program which will continue until the end of 2016.

The funding for this program was provided by:

  • NSW State Literacy and Numeracy Action Plan
  • Improving Teacher Quality National Partnerships – Principals Professional Development

The project focuses on improving reading and numeracy outcomes in primary schools by training principals in aspects of leadership and literacy instruction. It aims to empower principals to lead their school in an informed and effective way.

The project was initiated in 2008 by the Australian Primary Principals Association (APPA)

Project principles:

Evidence based understandings about leadership, change management and literacy instruction

  • Respect for, and understanding of, the diverse and challenging school and community contexts
  • The centrality of the concept of partnership between practitioners and those working in support and training and development roles
  • Appreciation of the need for support and development to be proximal (close to the school), spaced (to allow for practice), on-going (room for mentoring and coaching) and connected (based on real world issues, problems, contexts, cases)
  • Blending of concept and content knowledge – leadership and literacy arenas

Attached is the 2016 Action Plan developed by the Central Coast Rudolf Steiner School.

CCRSS NSW LN Action Plan 2016 School Implementation Plan_Website Updated[1]