High School

high2The Central Coast Rudolf Steiner Secondary School Program extends to Year 10. Our curriculum invites students to enrich their academic thinking with a sense of social responsibility and ethical engagement. A strong sense of connection to the natural world, to our cultural  and philosophical heritage, to the past, present and future is fostered. The integrated inquiry-based approach continues within a curriculum that is increasingly specialised.  Our students have access to an impressive suite of Apple laptops and are taught to use technology responsibly and creatively.

Our rigourous outdoor education program includes the Duke of Edinburgh option. We acknowledge the importance of developmental milestones and rites of passage in the adolescent’s life.

The creative arts continue to enrich the curriculum. Music, drama and visual arts are central to an approach to learning that is both engaging and relevant.

A strong sense of initiative and compassion is instilled in our students. A highlight of our class 10 experience is the service learning component where all students travel to Cambodia and work at an orphanage. Such experiences are formative in gaining perspective and a sense of responsible global citizenship. Our students take their place in the world with confidence.