Early Kindergarten


“If a child has been able to play, to give up their whole living being to the world around them, they will be able, in these serious tasks of later life, to devote themselves with confidence and purpose to the service 
of the world.”  — Rudolf Steiner

The Central Coast Steiner Early Kindergarten offers a three-day program which gently introduces the child to a calm, unhurried  approach to learning. Our beautiful, home-like environment is a place where each individual  is lovingly nurtured. At this stage, what the child learns is mainly imparted through example and the day is about doing everyday tasks together- such as baking the bread for morning tea. Artistic activities, such as painting, drawing, craft, puppetry and storytelling foster the child’s imagination. A deep love of Mother Nature is awakened as the changing seasons are observed and celebrated . The program gives generous opportunities for free imaginative play. Play is not only a child’s real work in life, it is the foundation of creativity yet to come. We also work very strongly with rhythm and repetition to help the children feel safe and at home in their new environment. Gradually this daily and weekly rhythm strengthens a feeling of security and belonging. All is well with the world.